The History of Neverrift

Centuries ago humankind lived in harmony with its surroundings until an unexpected event shattered that peace. A gigantic rift opened, ripping the world apart, allowing creatures of mystical yet dangerous nature to enter the once peaceful world.

Over time the inhabitants adjusted to the rift’s existence and various factions developed, each treating the rift in a different way. There are those who worship the rift. Those who protect the rift. But most people despise the rift and think of it as an event that was never meant to happen. A rift that was never supposed to be… calling it the Neverrift.

Powerful beings called Tamers emerged, representing their faction’s beliefs and facing the threats caused by the Neverrift. Taming creatures, wielding magic and planning for their next move they wait for an opportunity to strike.

Meet the factions:

Story Mobile Royal Empire
Magthilda von Oramelle

The Royal Empire

Justice, Order, Peace.

The Rift emerged at the very center of the world, forcing the great Empire to retreat to the southern realm also known as the Golden Plains. Renaming themselves the Royal Empire to show their steadfastness and conviction, they founded the coastal town of Oramsted where they thrived from its unique position and mineral resources providing strong metals, fertile soils, and a flourishing naval presence. 

Creatures of the rift are considered mindless animals, yet those with natural combat expertise will stand in the empire’s ranks alongside their beastmasters. Driving back opposing forces, cleansing the world of the threat caused by the rift and ultimately restoring former glory are the Royal Empire’s missions.

The Free Tribes

Life is movement, stillness is death.

With the Empire weakened and on retreat, many people who didn’t share their vision formed small but ever growing nomadic tribes. As means of survival they forged alliances with roaming creatures originating from the rift. 

Many years passed by and these nomadic tribes were referred to as the Free Tribes. By now they have become not only friends but mates with their beastial comrades, mixing human and creature blood to create a vast variety of half-breeds. Calling no place their home, but having the world as a homeland the tribelings are convinced that one day soon all life will be united by the Free Tribes.

Story Mobile Free Tribes
Fenrir, Father of the North
Story Mobile Verdant Pact

The Verdant Pact

Life grows or withers in proportion to one's courage.

Ruins left by the spirits of the woods attracted a very specific group of people. Sensing their after lively presence, a small circle of humans formed the Verdant Pact, pledging their remaining lifetime to the restoration and upkeep of the forests, protecting all that lives and thrives by nature’s grace. 

Curiously enough their lifetime seems to just have begun with that pledge, for they were gifted with eternal life and pointy ears. Growing slowly but steadily in numbers, more and more places of lost magic are revived, providing the Verdant Pact with increasing influence across the realms. The pact’s quest calls for restoration of nature’s hold in the world leading to the closure of the Rift and an age of balance.

The Outcast

True horror lurks below the surface ready to be woken from its slumber.

Far off from the plains yet another faction took hold, inhabiting the realm where no human would dare to set foot. In the great depths of oceans, lakes and rivers the Outcast formed, an unwanted bunch of fishlike half-breeds and creatures driven out into gushing waters united by one goal: revenge on the landfolk. 

Originally without any humans in their ranks, the Outcast recently found ways to work with specific deserters of the Empire, calling themselves the Saltborn and inhabiting the ocean’s surface. These pirates are granted many supplies and reinforcements from the depths, not only living but unliving creatures and sailors alike. Being bound to the sea the Outcast move with the tides gathering supplies while the state of ebb, yet striking at the state of flow.

Story Mobile Outcast
Orbo the Lurker
Story Mobile Sworn
Dark Priestess Etheria

The Sworn

Pledged to the prophecy, sworn to the cause.

Seeing the flaws in every other faction a fifth and last faction formed in secret, calling themselves the Sworn. Sworn to old teachings of the unending conflict of humankind and spirits, they study and interpret them, taking action to fulfill the ancient prophecy of restoring the one true world, even if the price is sacrificing the current one. 

Living in solitude or disguised among the other factions they wait for the right moment to ditch their simple lifes to serve the bigger cause. Only Sworn members see the greater picture that affects everyone and everything beyond worldly conflicts. Their faith will lead the world into a brighter and better future.