The rules of Neverrift TCG

What is the Neverrift Trading Card Game and what makes it special?

• First hybrid TCG blending classic card collecting and innovative technologies (like augmented reality or blockchain) together

• Will be developed as app (for iOS and Android) AND as classic card board game

• Chess meets Triple Triad meets Magic the Gathering!

• Strategic positioning and movement on the battlefield is key to success

• Battlefields are changing grids (e.g. 3×3, 4×4), demanding skill and strategy adaption by the players

• Simple rules, yet with great tactical depth

In the Neverrift TCG two players face off against one another representing their factions on changing grids. Each player has a deck of 30 cards as well as a tamer with special abilities, determining the factions the player can use. The aim is to tame the opponent’s creatures by changing their allegience in battle. Who tamed most creatures, wins.

The Neverrift Trading Card Game is a simple to learn, yet profound strategic trading card game with focus on what truly matters for a TCG: fun gameplay, awesome art and high collectability! 

The Neverrift TCG will launch as a mobile gaming app on iOS and Android, as well as a classic cardboard trading card game.


• transparent rule set

• short card text (no dictionary needed!)

• no icons that need to be learned

Yet profound

• the necessity of tactical positioning takes strategic possibilities to the next level

• different card types harmonize with each other, forming powerful combos

• five factions enable different approaches on how to turn the game in your favor

The Neverrift TCG focuses on the three things a TCG needs to have:

Great Gameplay

Gameplay is by far the most important factor for us. Our game needs to be fun to play! Hence, hundreds of hours of playtesting result in the best possibly gaming experience. Neverrift is most importantly about player skills! Plan your turn and the turn after that by considering positioning, card order and your opponents moves.

Awesome artworks

Trading Cards are small pieces of art, yet sometimes artworks are being displayed way too small to properly cherish them, which is why all of our cards will be fullart artworks combined with subtle text frames and card elements. We chose to work with different artists from all over the world, combing their expertise and unique approaches to visualize Neverrift’s look.

High Collectibility

A Trading Card game needs high collectibility. This is why we not only utilize different rarities but also different holographic patterns, alternative artworks and other plans that have yet to be revealed. We plan to combine on- and offline collecting using the anlog cardboard game and our digital mobile app. Be prepared: awesome things are coming!

Neverrift Trading Card Game combines gameplay and collectibility aspects of several other trading card games and strives to create an unique new experience for experienced TCG enthusiasts and beginners alike!