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Playtestings, our first con visit and more!

Hello Tamer!


It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been hard at work advancing the development of Neverrift TCG and now we want to share our progress with you.


So, what has been happening?


Here’s a brief overview:

– First official tests at the Gate to the Games store in Magdeburg.

– You can now visit the store and try out Neverrift TCG.

– We attended Contaku and introduced Neverrift TCG.

– We are working diligently to prepare the cards for printing.

– Some cards will have cool special effects!

– The app has been improved.

– The app had its first official closed beta test!

card enthusiasts enjoying a round of Neverrift TCG

Want more details? Of course!


If you live near Magdeburg, you can already dive deeper into Neverrift TCG. Visit the Gate to the Games store or the Magdeburg eSports e.V. and play a bit! The cards are not the final versions, but we are working on finalizing them!


Our visit to Contaku came with a few hurdles: We got the confirmation very last minute, but the team improvised a great booth in no time! Neverrift TCG was well-received by visitors, and many came back with friends to play again the next day! You can find more about it in our Instagram highlights: Link


I used to think that card printing was probably straightforward. You send in the image, and that’s it. Thanks to my colleagues, I’ve learned that there is a lot of preparation involved. Especially if you want cards with effects, you have to consider a thousand things and constantly get feedback from the printing partners. Imagine if we printed a legendary creature 100 times, and not only was the image off-center on every card, but the foil was misplaced, and the metallic effect was in completely the wrong place! 😱 But that makes us even more excited about the final product.

App Updates


I (Marie), as a programmer, can tell you a bit more about this. Where should we start?




The app got a facelift: from random battle backgrounds in the game to deck selection. It’s truly fascinating how a few background graphics and icons can enhance the gaming experience.


Special Effects & Sounds


We’ve also started implementing the first special effects in the app. Now you can see a creature striking during an attack or when a card emits an aura. The app has also received a few sound effects. The Neverrift TCG app is slowly getting its own style.


New Cards and Effects


Since the last update, more cards and effects have been added to the app. Set 1 is not yet fully in the game, but we are on the home stretch!


Neverrift TCG needs more or less bugs


I propose that bugs only appear as creatures or spell cards in the future. Lately, I’ve been battling an incredible number of bugs in the code, and yet there are still some lurking. But they are becoming fewer, I promise!


Server Update


We’ve realized that we need to make some improvements to our server to ensure you have a good and secure gaming experience in the future.


First Official Closed Beta Test of the App!


On September 2nd, 2023, to September 3rd, 2023, we had our first closed beta test! You could register beforehand and then take a first look at the app during the beta. Thank you for all the positive feedback! We had a lot of fun watching everyone play. Bugs were also found, but nobody minded. Instead, everyone supported us in hunting down these bugs so they won’t happen again in the future. We’ve noted the feedback and already discussed wishes and their implementations. Some were already planned, and it’s great to see that we’re on the right track with the app.

three phones showcasing the app (main menu, ingame battle and an ingame card closeup)

What’s coming up next?

💥 More tests for both the analog and digital games!

💥 Attending events

💥 We’re trying to attend more events and introduce Neverrift TCG. Keep following us to find out when we’ll be at an event near you!

💥 Test printing of the German cards

💥 Fixing bugs in the app

💥 Adding more features to the app


Until next time!