The Status after One Year of Development

Current Status:


  • Account creation ✔
  • Polishing app for alpha testers 💥
  • Complete card list, final secret artwork in progress 🤫
  • Values of all creatures and distribution of effects adjusted ✔
  • Waiting for alpha test prints for first deck-building event
  • Trying out different effect prints 🤩


1 Year of Team Neverrift TCG


And just like that, the first year is over! We have been working as a four-person team on the Neverrift TCG for 12 months now. We are currently looking for support in our game development and social media department. If you’re interested, please send us your application documents. You can find the job postings here at the Gate to the Games page. 😉 We already have one new team member: Benedict is now supporting Marie with coding!


Closed Beta Release Postponed


We are making great progress with the app development. Our alpha testers can now create accounts and choose an avatar to represent them in-game. Currently, you have to log in every time you restart the app, but we’re already working on that. Bug hunting is in full swing, so the public beta version will arrive as clean as possible later this year. This delays the release date, but we place great value on the quality of the Neverrift TCG. We are also continuing to work on the backend code to integrate all cards and their effects into the digital game.


Final Touches on the Card List & Test Prints


Speaking of cards, things are also going well with the physical card list. The values of the creatures have been balanced, and the effects have been adjusted. If anything changes from now on, it will only be minor details or game-breakers. Now we’re eagerly waiting for the first test prints of the entire card list to arrive so we can have our colleagues build their own decks. Will the winning streak of our strongest player finally come to an end? Suspense continues! 😄


Effect Prints: Let it Shine!


In addition to the regular cards, test prints of special effect cards such as rainbows, holos, and others are also being prepared. We can’t wait to finally hold these little treasures in our own hands. We’ll share some of the prints on our social media channels, so keep your eyes open for that!


Until next time!