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Summer Update

Hello there! This is Konsti from Neverrift. I would like to take a moment and give you some insight of what went on in the rift for the month of August. 

First of all we tried to survive the heatwaves here in Germany, as I am sure, most of you did. Don’t worry though. We got enough “cool“ stuff to share to get you acclimated. 😉

We are glad to share that artist commissions are right on track with what we planned and will be finished in the foreseeable future. We will share some of those new cards on Instagram and have some more interactions on our socials with you, like the choosing between two sketches of a card artwork in our Instagram story.

When designing a card game with over 150 cards there is a point where a revamp of the phrasing is necessary. Especially if there are multiple people throwing in card ideas, you will end up with many variations of descriptive texts. In August we did this and came up with a good system for now. Maybe you can spot the changes in future cards.

Right now we are preparing for our second internal playtesting on a greater scale. This will have card game enthusiasts of Gate to the Games battling for four days, testing all five starter decks against each other. There is much to catch up on since the last greater playtesting happened with only the Sworn and Outcast decks. We can’t wait to be able to have some of you join us in playtesting at some point in the future.

And last but not least here is some info about the digital version of Neverrift: There have been some major updates in regards to progress. Since they would be pretty long to discuss in detail, here are some bullet points:


  • Base game logic has been implemented
  • Creature, spell and place cards have been implemented
  • Starter Decks for each fraction implemented
  • Currently we have 25 different effects implemented (more if you count similar effects for creatures, places and spells as different)
  • You can choose between faction decks before playing


Huge tribute to our programmer Marie! 🙂

I hope you liked my short update. Stay tuned for more!

Till our next meeting