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New Year, New Game (Sort of)

First things first: The Neverrift team wishes everyone a happy new year! 2023 will bring some major changes to the Neverrift TCG. If you want to know the details, take a look at the milestone plan on our ‘Overview’ page.


Online PvP


As mentioned in our previous dev blog Marie’s attention was on the online multiplayer update, or ‘the merge’ as we call it. Since we develop both the cardboard and the app version simultaneously, one tends to overtake the other. In our case the app felt behind until now but is quickly catching up. 

Next to the big TCG apps we all know and love now sits the red Neverrift TCG logo on our phones ready to be tested whenever we like (and another player is online). Shout-out to Marie who is bombarded with our feedback on a daily basis and somehow managed to stay sane nonetheless!


Alpha Testing


With our official alpha version on the horizon, we shift our current focus towards creating a convenient way for our testers to submit their feedback. It needs to be super easy to give for them and full of valuable information for us.

Psst! 🤫 When the decision of who will get access to the Neverrift TCG alpha is made, we will let you know. You reading this may very well be included. That is all the insight I can give you for now.

See you in the Neverrift!