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Fall Update

Hi folks!

The weather is getting cold but the Neverrift is getting hotter each week! Our very first giveaway is over and we are about to test the game with the 5th and last card type, untold spells. They work like traps or secrets you might know from other games and are triggered by your opponent’s actions during their turn. 


News about the Neverrift TCG prints!

Another big task is looking through different holo patterns, varnishes and foils and picking the best approach for the first set of the Neverrift TCG. There are many details that must be taken into consideration. Our chosen card finishes will probably fill a whole dev blog at a later time.

Mobile App Screenshot from January 2023
The image shows the current state of the app and is not representative of the app that will be available in the future. Nothing you see is final.

News about the Neverrift TCG app!

Now that the mobile app is taking shape I’d like to quote our programmer Marie: ‘Bugs. Bugs everywhere.’ With the multiplayer mode in near sight we test as many card combinations as we can trying to find (and fix) as many bugs as possible beforehand. Despite that our focus for the next few weeks will be on improving the overall user experience. Lastly, no game is complete without cool special effects and sounds so we will work on that, too!


The current app status in numbers:

  • 90% artworks 
  • 90% card list
  • 95% starter decks
  • ✔ game logic
  • 4/5 card types


Thank you for your support! 

Until next time!