About the App...

Hello world and tamers!


In our last update we gave you a little insight into the app and today we’re diving deeper!

But before we begin, a little fun fact: At the end of November the Neverrift team had the first in person meeting! I came all the way from Sweden to Germany just for this occasion and of course we took the opportunity to properly test the app for the first time. We learned a lot and it was nice to see how our colleagues really tried their best to crash the app.


What is the current state of the app right now?


The app has been under development since the beginning of Q2 2022 and has taken shape quite well. It’s especially noticeable that we develop both the physical and digital versions at the same time because both versions come with their own unique challenges. For example should players sit opposite from or next to each other when playing Neverrift TCG? This is a question that doesn’t arise in app development. In the app version we rather question if the displayed selection options are intuitive or not.

In addition to these challenges we are collecting a lot of bugs in the app that need to be addressed. So many bugs and it’s already long past Halloween!


Apart from the Untold Spells the basic logic of the game has been implemented in the app but what does this mean exactly?


It’s time to add multiplayer to the game so that we can all play together no matter where we are in the world! In December the plan is to free the multiplayer version from the biggest bugs (the bugs come in as swarms as soon as something new is implemented!) and test it thoroughly to see where we need to improve the user interface and whether the game runs smoothly.

You can see that we still have a lot to do with the app but we are getting closer to a solid version that you will be able to test soon!

Another highlight in December was the gameplay video. The Sworn and the Royal Empire fought a battle that will go down in history! Or in our case: as a video on YouTube (you can find it below this blog).


Until then, I’ll see you in the code of Neverrift!