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99 Neverrift TCG rounds full of fun

We held a play testing event at Gate to the Games! Over the course of five days, our colleagues with their varying taming skill levels played almost 100 games. We collected a lot of data and analyzed the results. Here is what we learned:


  1. The current average duration of a round is 24 minutes.
  2. 55% of winners had the last turn. Sometimes that was strategically planned, sometimes it happened by chance.
  3. The most draws at the end happened between the Sworn and the Royal Empire. Coincidence or did the Sworn plan this behind our back? We will keep you updated. 😉
  4. It is possible to play the Neverrift TCG as a 2 versus 2 game on a 4×8 arena. This will double the playtime to 48 minutes per game and is extremely fun up until the last turn.
  5. Our best player has a win rate of 82% proving that skill beats luck!
  6. The most picked deck was the Verdant Pact deck.
  7. The Verdant Pact deck won 65% of the games it was picked at. We will definitely work on that.
  8. The tamer effects were often forgotten. We will address this issue soon because it is such a big part of the gameplay.

With this amount of valuable input, we can continue our quest to perfectly balanced starter decks!

Let’s put cardboard gaming to the side for now and focus on the Neverrift TCG mobile app. A total of 52 effects are already in the game! That includes the passive and active tamer effects. Only two already tested effects are yet to be implemented, and we have to create another type of spell that can only then be added to the app. Still, it’s crazy how far the app has come in the past eight months. Right now we are bug hunting and focusing on the user interface. Our goal is to guide you through the game well. 🙂


Thank you for reading!