Welcome to the Neverrift!

It all started with a spark of inspiration in the mind of Markus, founder of Gate to the Games GmbH residing in Sülzetal, Germany. Serious game development started in March 2022 when Marie, Konsti and Lisa (me) joined Markus in his endeavour working towards one big goal: Releasing Neverrift Trading Card Game as a mobile app and a physical game. Of course we are supported locally by all these card lovers at GttG and we hire artists from all over the globe to capture the beauty of the world of Neverrift in every single artwork.

When starting the development of Neverrift TCG we had 3 main goals in mind:

  1. Innovating the card gaming experience by battling in 2 dimensions. 
  2. Honouring our artists by putting their hard work as full art cards into the spotlight as it deserves.
  3. Keeping the rules simple for beginners while allowing experts to play with strategy, synergy and skill.

We will face many challenges on our way to release Neverrift TCG in both digital and physical form but we are happy to take you along with us on this exciting journey. In our monthly updates we want to show you the highlights of our progress, insight in our daily work and abandoned ideas that can crawl right back into the Neverrift where they belong.

Thank you for reading