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Six cards to represent the diversity of cards of the Neverrift TCG
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Stand against the forces of the Neverrift. Defeat your rivals and become the ultimate Tamer.

Choose your tamer and lead an army of creatures into battle in a brand new interactive card game experience. Collect and trade cards, choose your faction and build your deck out of more than 150 cards. 

Play against friends or foes in an epic one on one format. Your tactics and strategy are key to victory, yet an unexpected play style may catch your opponent off guard giving you the advantage in battle.

Explore the different card types:

Tamer Cards

The tamer determines the faction of your deck and therefore the methods and cards you can use to earn victory. Each tamer has an unique passive and active effect which can be combined with other card effects to perform powerful combinations.

Creature Cards

Creatures build a deck’s core and are the player’s representation on the battleground. They have 4 attack values and fight each other when entering the battleground. Additionally some creatures have effects that might give you the advantage you need to win the game.

Place Cards

Similar to creatures, places are set into play on the battleground. They act as a means of security to cover up your weak spots or block your opponent’s moves. Places do not have attack values but can have effects just like creatures.

Spell Cards

Spells let you unleash powerful combos and can only be used in your turn. Currently, one type of spell is in the game: rapid spells with instant effects. Spells can be used to prepare that one impactful turn or to ensure control over the opponent’s presence on the battleground.

Read the written tutorial for a detailed explanation about the gameplay of Neverrift Trading Card Game.


Then the Great Shattering changed the world in its core.

Struggling to find a solution the population has split into five factions each unique in their beliefs and way of life, rivaling for control.

Face the Rift

and become the most powerful Tamer!

The Neverrift Trading Card Game Beta will be launched on iOS and Android. Follow us on your favourite social media and be the first to know when the Neverrift opens.

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